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My name is Anne Olsen-Ryum and I live in a small place in the north of Norway called Hasvik. Hasvik is situated on the western side of Norway’s fourth largest island Sørøya. Sørøya is often claimed to be one of the most beautiful islands in Norway. My interest for photography started in my early teens, but I became seriously interested when I started digitally photography in 2001. I am 100% self-taught, and photographing is something I do in my spare-time. My main interest is landscape photography, and I love trying to catch the dramatic light that suddenly can reveal itself through all four seasons of the year. I am particularly fond of the winter light and The Polar Nights. The weather in winter shifts rapidly and is often unpredictable. Blizzard conditions can change to calm in minutes, with colorful northern lights dancing across a starry sky. I think that two months without sunlight is a fascinating experience, and I love the colors of The Polar Nights.