Hiking Reinebringen | Information & Tips

Hiking Reinebringen | Information & Tips

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If you are planning a trip to Lofoten and are looking for hiking trips, you will most likely have heard about the mountain Reinebringen, which gives you one of the most spectacular views in Lofoten. Reinebringen is one of the most popular hikes in Lofoten, but the hike is also one of the most dangerous ones.

Hiking Reinebringen | Information & TipsThe view from the top at a late August evening.

The view currently comes with a warning

Reinebringen is located above the village Reine and is easily accessible from the main road. The mountain is 448 meters tall, which isn’t particularly much.

Hiking Reinebringen | Information & TipsThe view over the village Reine on a bright summer day.

What you need to know about the current condition of the trail, is that it is very worn out and steep, and rockfall is a constant danger to those who are hiking here.

The local tourist offices are warning people against the trip, the hike has been removed from brochures, and at the bottom of the trail, you are met with a warning sign telling you that the hike is done at your own risk.

But as of  2016 - GOOD NEWS

Despite the warnings, over 4.000 people climbed this mountain only during one month last summer.

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Due to the popularity of this hike, the Norwegian Environment Agency is giving a substantial contribution to renovate the trail up Reinebringen. The work is scheduled to start during spring 2016.

Hiking Reinebringen | Information & Tips At the top during midnight, with the midnight sun behind the mountains in Kirkefjorden. The iconic mountain Olstinden is in the middle of the photo.

The new trail, which will be built be Sherpas, will be put in another and more natural inclination than now, making the trail much safer and the rewarding view at the top available to more people.

Hiking Reinebringen | Information & TipsA view to the east.

For your own safety, hikers are advised to choose other mountains to walk until the new trail up Reinebringen is finished. In Lofoten, you have plenty of good alternatives. 

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