Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!

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The beautiful old mountain farm Skageflå is located in Geirangerfjord. Skageflå lies on a mountain cliff, 250 meters over Geirangerfjord. 

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In the old days, people actually lived up here and carried materials and animals all the way up. In 1873 there was a big landslide and most of the farm got big damages.

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!The Skageflå farm

The Skageflå farm

The people on Skageflå got help from people from the farm Møllseter. Brother and sister from both farms ended up married and settled in Skageflå. Even though they were siblings, it was considered normal back then. 

Another story about these old mountain farms is when the kids were out playing, they used to tie a rope around them so they would not fall down into the fjord. Believe it or not :)

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!The Skageflå farm seen from behind

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!

How to get to Skageflå

To get there you can take a rib boat, paddle yourself out with a kayak, or take the regular tourist boat, M/S Geirangerfjord. They will drop you of where the hiking trail starts in Skagehola. We preferred the rib boat for some extra fun before we started.  

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!#selfietime on the rib boat ;)

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!They drove us straight into a waterfall so we got wet, loved it! You should try it!

The hiking trail goes pretty much straight up and is pretty steep. Remember to wear good hiking shoes as it can be slippery and wet sometimes. The trail is easy to follow and has good markings. It takes about 45 minutes to walk up.

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!The path going up to Skageflå

The scenery is breathtaking all the way up to Skageflå. The king and queen of Norway have even been here, and they celebrated their silver wedding with 30 guests at the farm in 1993.  You can see why!

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!The seven sisters viewed from Skageflå!

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!The Seven Sisters Waterfall 

We love to hike so, of course, we did choose a longer trip back to Geiranger via Homlongsætra and Homlong. From Skageflå this hike takes about 2-3 hours.

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!The view over Skageflå from further up the trail on the way to Homlong.

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!The beautiful Homlongsætra 544 meters over the fjord!

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!Hikers enjoy the view over Geiranger and Geirangerfjorden

Most of the hikers take a rest here and enjoy the stunning view over Geiranger! Bring your camera and make time for this hike when you're in Geiranger. This is really something to write home about. 

Skageflå Fjord Hiking | Steep & Beautiful!

Happy hiking :)

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