Arctic Surf Adventure

World Class Waves

In March 2016 we are arranging one exclusive and unique deal for 10 people to go surfing in the arctic Norway. Unstad Arctic Surf, located in Lofoten, Norway has one of the most prestigious coastline in the world. Surfing here is an experience you don’t want to miss out. Check out our lifetime surf/adventure trip this March and join us in the search of perfect, uncrowded waves.Arctic Surf Adventure

Surf & Guiding

The Lofoten islands has an various of spots for every level of surfing. Your very own surf guide, Pat Millin and local surfer Tommy Olsen, will bring you to the fun and uncrowded waves of these magical island. Pat has been surfing the arctic many times. He knows how to get you going for the perfect waves. We would also supply you with the best wetsuits and boards to perform in challenging arctic conditions. No need to bring your own equipment.


​All Inclusive Deal.

Come join us one this exclusive limited offer, booking is only available by contacting us by email or phone. For more info:


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