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Outdoor hiking and photography tips for pretty much all of Norway.


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My name is Vidar Moløkken, and my origins lie deep into the forests of Hedmark county in the south-eastern parts of Norway, where I was born i 1968. This region isn't the most dramatic naturewise, but my father was born and raised alongside a small fjord near the northern city of Tromsø. In the span between the rather patient landscapes down in the south, and the highly captivating fjords and mountains of the north, my love for norwegian nature came to life. As a little boy in the 70's, I was glued to the side windows of our family car for days when the summer vacation trip went north every second year. And to top it off, we often went to the fjords of the west for the summers in between. This is among the most precious memories from my childhood, so I needed a way to preserve them. Photography became the means to do so. Starting around the age of 10, I directed my father with his camera to shoot that waterfall, that mountain or whatever. A few years later I got my own SLR camera, and even today photography plays an important part of my professional and personal life. During the last twenty years I have worked as a television graphics designer and operator for national and international broadcasting, a graphics designer and photographer in the wholesale business, before I now am the marketing manager of an outdoor lighting company. Through the years I have maintained my love for Norway and traveling its vast landscapes. The country today is divided in 19 counties with a total of 428 municipalities. I have visited 395 of them, so it's safe to say I know quite a lot about my homeland. I hope to share some of it with you in the time ahead.