Bergen from Stolzen

For the best view of Bergen: hike Stolzekleiven

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If you are ever in Bergen and feel like doing some excercice, do as the locals. Hike the 908 steps up to Sandvikspilen and enjoy the fantastic view of city.

Or if you just wanna get a nice selfie, Stolzekleiven is the place to go!


No matter when you do it - you will most likely meet people. Especially during summer there are a lot people in Stolzekleiven, often training for the run ”Stolzekleiven Opp”. If you can I recommend doing the trip on a summer evening, late enough to enjoy the sunset.


The trip starts from Fjellveien and is quite steep, there is a paved road for a while, stone steps some places and in the end there are some wooden steps. It can be a good idea to start slowly so you have some energy left for the upper part.

The steps


How much time does it take you might ask? Well, hard to say, depends entirely on you. The top athletes run up the steps in a little over 8 minutes,  I use around 16 minutes on a good day. For most people it should be possible to get up in around 30 minutes.

Bergen view


Going down you either go down the same way you came up or can go down Munkebotn or Skredderdalen.

Bergen from Stolzen