www.hattvikalodge.no offers Sail & Ski adventures in collaboration with www.lofotenhorizon.no throughout the winter season. We tailor your stay in Hattvika and combine your adventure with days on the sailship M/S Ylajali just the way you want it. Self catering (your catch of the day?) or food served by professional chefs in our own private restaurant while staying in Hattvika and the chef services when you stay on the sailship.

From February to May 2016 you have the opportunity to join the M/S Ylajali and HattvikaLodge for a unique Sail & Skiing experience! We sail into the Lofoten alpine backyard, exploring the mountains in the world's most beautiful archipelago. The 80 foot long sailboat hosts a skilled mountain guide who will shows you pearls only reachable by boat. The boat is also equipped with Ylajalis own chef who serves the most delicious dishes on board. In collaboration with Lofoten Horizon we offer freeriding opportunities you only find in Lofoten, one of world's most exotic mountain area. Availability, price and duration on request. We hope to see you on board from the quay in Hattvika!


The sailship will carry the maximum of 10 guests and preferably a private group or corporate business who want to explore. All tours will be planned according to where we get the best conditions for skiing in the Lofoten region. Lofoten is a historical place with several villages where the fishermen carry on the long tradition of the legendary Lofoten fishery (cod fishing). You also can find 5000 year old caves, traces from the Sami and the Vikings, who also sailed these seas and lived here. Depending on destination and current weather conditions, we will start the day with a good breakfast, organize our equipment and get ready to chase the best areas to ski. Most of the peaks are between 750-1100 m staring at the beach, and we will use approx. 6-8 hours round trip. We´ll enjoy the stunning views and the days in the mountains. When we are back down to the boat again, it’s time for dinner, chilling, fishing, sailing and especially plan the next day’s destination.


If you're travelling solo and not in a group and want to explore the Lofoten islands in the wintertime, HattvikaLodge is co-organiser for Lofoten Split and Mountaineering Festival, arranged in April 2016. See more on www.lstf.info

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