A great view from the Aursjo Road. Photo: Odd Roar Lange

5 breathtaking road trips in Norway

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Summit trips in Norway doesn’t necessarily require climbing boots or skis.

Happy moment by the Atlantic Road in Norway: Photo: Odd Roar Lange

A summit trip in the north west region is possible to reach by car or a bike. Here are 5 lovely roads you ought to experience – by car, motorcycle or bike. The largest - but still small - cities in the region are Molde and Kristiansund.

1: The Atlantic Road

It is hardly possible to visit Nordmøre and Romsdal without driving the Atlantic Road, the national tourist road between Averøy and Bud (FV 64). At Eldhusøya in Averoy Municipality is the service centre that has a spectacular ‘svevesti’ (floating path) around the island. Drive slowly, stop often by fine picnic areas and watch world class sunsets. Countless opportunities to fish from the shore, and in the fishing village Bud, visit the restored coastal fortress and Bud Museum.

The Atlantic Road - one of the most popular tourist roads in Norway. Photo: Odd Roar Lange

Molde-Bud-Atlantic Road-Kristiansund: app. 105 km

2: The Trollstigen road

Trollstigen Road. Photo: Odd Roar Lange

The rennovated FV 63 from 1936 is a masterpiece of road art. The road lies between Åndalsnes in Romsdal and Valldal at Sunnmøre. Turn off at Sogge bridge, if you started from Romsdalen. There is a fantastic trip to the top of Trollstigen by car (take a taxi) and thereafter cycle down to Åndalsnes. Turn off from the main road by Trollstigen Camping and Gjestegård in Isterdalen and cycle the old road to Åndalsnes.

Trollstigen. Photo: Odd Roar Lange

Åndalsnes-Trollstigen-Valldal: app. 45 km

3: Around Midsund Island

The island municipality Midsund consists of  the main islands Otrøya, Midøya and Dryna.

Arrival by ferry Mordalsvågen-Solholmen or Brattvåg-Dryna. Take RV 668 to Midøya and see the old stone wall that in 1658-60 was the border between Norway and Denmark. At Dryna, I recommend a visit to Franskhelleren where 4 French soldiers hid for 6 months during WW II. Otrøya offers excellent mountain walks.

Franskhelleren. Photo: Odd Roar Lange

Opstadhornet, at 737 masl is the highest peak.

Molde-Solholmen-Dryna-Solholmen: app. 110 km

4: The Aursjø Road

A lovely trip on a toll road open in summer from Litjedalen in Sunndalen, past Aursjøen in the mountain and to Eikesdalen in Romsdal. A steep incline for cyclists, and not recommended for cars pulling caravans. RVs and cars are OK. The mountain has summer pasturage with a farm shop in Torbudalen, and the DNT cabin Aursjøhytta offers accommodation. Excellent fishing and mountain walks. Try swimming in the potholes by the road at Finnsetlia. A trip to Mardalsfossen waterfall in Eikesdalen is a must.

A great view from the Aursjo Road. Photo: Odd Roar Lange

Eidsvåg-Eikesdal-Aursjøvegen-Sunndalsøra: app. 113 km

5: Todalen Valley

A lovely area between Sunndalsøra and Surnadal. Turn off from FV 670 by Kvanne and take FV 671 to Todalen where there are lots of things to do. One of these is Svinvik’s Arboretum with more than 500 different species of rhododendron.

From Todalen take FV 323 to Kårvatn where you’ll find one of the entries to

Trollheimen. Sleep over at the KårvatnTuristhytte and visit Kårvatn mountain equipment outlet in the barn. Kårvatn is the reference point for Europe’s purest air and water.

Surnadal-Todalen: app. 25 km


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