Seaside In Lofoten Islands

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Once you are in Lofoten, why not take the opportunity to experience the islands from the sea as well. At the sea you will discover a whole new world of beautiful scenery, in proximity to animals and birds such as whales, seagulls and eagles. For the photography enthusiasts, there are countless new scenes, both exotic ancient settlements under high mountains, narrow straits and fjords.

In for the kill_4664.jpg

A sea eagle is about to sneak up on its prey while the sun steadily declines further down behind the mountains.


Lighting conditions that are often extremely beautiful here in the Lofoten archipelago, are often even more intense when you get to experience it from a boat at the sea. The air is a little crisper, you're getting closer to the elements, and the wildlife, and you see everything from a new exciting angle.


During a visit to the Lofoten islands in October, you can experience sunrises like this. No two days are alike, no light is identical and one has to be present when it happens. It can all happen in a matter of minutes and even seconds sometimes!


Sea-eagle safari are among the activities you can experience here. Local companies offers nature safari and sea eagle safari as a boat-trip where local people are guiding you through stunning scenery, while looking for every possible experiences that nature can offer. In addition to eagles and gulls at close quarters, it happens that a moose comes swimming across the strait in front of the boat, and maybe suddenly a minke-whale or an orca (killer whale) is observed. You never know!


A young sea-eagle searching for lunch.



An elderly white-tailed sea eagle, about to grab a fish.


During the safari you stop to catch some Pollock, which since are thrown out of the boat to lure the eagles. Part of the majestic birds are now familiar with the regular boats, and one can be fairly confident of getting both see eagles circling over and swooping down for fish.


Sea-eagle safari takes place mainly from Svolvær as a base. Raftsundet is a perfect habitat for eagles, and it is also where you find the densest population. The seas between the islands and Raftsundet, is relatively calm throughout the year, while the trip from the city can be somewhat tougher when the weather is wild! Boats leave as long as there are conditions, both in summer and winter, so you have the opportunity to experience this during all seasons.


An old house from the time they had to use boats to get around, no matter what and where you were going. Here it was driven agriculture through spring and summer. In winter the man and the eldest sons went fishing. It could be very harsh conditions, and it happened now and then that fishermen never came home again after having foundered in bad weather ... Today most of these places are used as holiday resorts, where descendants and others, who have been given the opportunity of acquisition of the properties, are spending their vacations.


One of the easiest ways to experience this, is to book a sea-eagle safari while travelling with the coastal steamer (Hurtigruta) between Harstad and Svolvær. Hurtigruta is cooperating with a local boat named MS Orca,, and you'll get transferred between the two boats in speed, in a safe way of course. During the summer months the coastal steamer is visiting Trollfjorden as well, which is a impressive experience for most people who haven't been there before, and still even for those who have.


The coastal steamer; Hurtigruta, on its way through Trollfjorden. There is a new boat every single day, both heading north and south, so the possibility to get here is pretty good for those who want to experience something extraordinary. And when the weather is showcasing, the whole travel is a pleasure and an endless amount of beautiful scenery to take in!



Parts of the beautiful peaks of Lofoten islands, bathing in the last sun-rays this evening, while an eagle is passing by.



The sun has gone down, and it is about time to head back to the harbor of Svolvær, while there is still some light left from the blue hours.