Colors and wooden wharfs at Bakklandet - Trondheim

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When you are in Trondheim, you cannot miss seeing and visiting the signature wooden wharfs along the river Nidelven.

Colorful wharfs at Bakklandet, Trondheim

The wharfs have a long history as storage facilities and loading/unloading cargo from the ships that came with traders from all over. The oldest wharfs in Trondheim was built around 1700 on both sides of the river Nidelven and the best-preserved wharfs today are the ones on the Bakklandet side, between the Old Town Bridge (Gamle Bybro) and Bakke Bridge (Bakke bro) as you can see on the photo.


Several fires through the years have been a threat to keeping the wharfs, and now there are just a few left of the original 1700-built-wharfs. 

Local fishermen, craftsmen, small traders and workers lived at Bakklandet, so the wharfs were smaller and the houses simpler and often on one floor. The wharfs at Bakklandet are today many private homes. In addition, right here you can find art galleries, some of the many unique shops you cannot find anywhere else, local coffee shops and good restaurants. You may also stop by Bakklandet Skydsstation – the café awarded «Most Charming Café in Scandinavia» in 2012 by National Geographic's travelling nomad - Andrew Evans. You can even try to catch your own salmon during the fishing season, June - August.

Catch salmon in the river Nidelven at Bakklandet

I can recommend spending time at Bakklandet when in Trondheim. Walk around on the old cobblestone street; enjoy the calm, colors, the smell of fresh flowers, and of course, the friendly people.


Just mind the biker’s path; Trondheim is really a city with many bicycles. Actually, Trondheim has its own bicycle lift as you can see when you are at Bakklandet, right off the Old Town Bridge when you cross the river Nidelven. Would you dare trying it yourself?