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Join this 8-day winter photography tour of the Lofoten Islands to capture the magnificent Northern Lights in epic surroundings. This is a tour for any enthusiasts of photography that wish to experience the jewel of Norway’s scenic crown.

The Lofoten Islands are a collection of jaw-dropping natural sights, jagged rock formations and fairytale-like sceneries. The islands jut out from the northern shores of Norway where they appear to drift in the open waters of the Norwegian Sea.

Despite the islands appearing as a wild and untamed cluster, they are relatively easy to travel around, since they connect by numerous road bridges and tunnels. Prepare to behold snow-capped mountain peaks, vast fjords, dramatic seascapes and idyllic villages, as you hunt down the finest sights and the most classic winter scenes.

Every night you will have the additional chance of photographing the elusive and breathtaking Northern Lights. Although the lights are​ a temperamental and natural phenomenon that can never be unquestionably guaranteed, every measure will be taken to put you in the best position for a bonafide aurora photo shoot.

Don’t hesitate in booking your photography adventure now, for a chance to behold and capture the wonderland that is Lofoten in the winter. Check availability by choosing a date.


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Daily itinerary

Day 1
Lofoten Winter Photography Workshop - day 1

Arrival at Leknes

After your arrival at Leknes airport, you will be picked up and transferred to your hotel, where you will meet up in the lobby to head out to dinner at a local restaurant.

Here is the chance for you to get acquainted with your travelling companions, as you will run through the itinerary, in detail, with your guides.

The real adventure starts tomorrow, so try and get to bed early for your exciting days ahead on the road.

Day 2
Lofoten Winter Photography Workshop - day 2

First day in Reine 

On your second day, you will jump in your transport and start the drive to the Rorbu cabins in Reine. These charming huts rest on stilts and are an ideal photography subject in their own right. Each hut has a spacious hall, heated floors, a shower and a kitchen, intermingling comfort with tradition for the perfect accommodation.

After taking your time to explore the surrounding area from the base camp, you will head out to begin your photography adventure. Here is where you will spend the next two days since the scenery is plentiful and vast.

Day 3
Lofoten Winter Photography Workshop - day 3

Second day in Reine

Your third day will be your second in Reine. Get ready to encounter iconic viewpoints, traditional fishing cabins, granite mountains and stunning fjords. You will also have the pleasure of exploring the surrounding area of Flakstad (Skagsanden), Fredvang, Nusfjord and Selfjord.

Come nightfall, if the Northern Lights decide to show, the imperious mountains that line the water of Selfjord under the glow of the auroras will be the sight of a lifetime.

Day 4
Lofoten Winter Photography Workshop - day 4

Third Day in Reine 

This will be your last day in Reine. Remember that this is a winter tour and you are situated in the Arctic climate, so weather conditions might alter the exact plans of your journey. Your guides will do their best to accommodate for the environment each time and locate the optimal spots for your photo shoots.

Here is where you will explore all the sights that you might have missed during your first two days. You will spend the night in Reine, before continuing your journey the next day.

Day 5
Lofoten Winter Photography Workshop - day 5

Back to Leknes

On your fifth day, you will head on towards your second base camp in Leknes. Here is where you will spend the second half of your adventure, as you will explore the many sights and sceneries that the landscape offers.

The locations here are world-renowned for aurora spotting, so pray for a clear weather as you enter the second phase of your photography excursion.

Day 6
Lofoten Winter Photography Workshop - day 6

Landscapes of Leknes

During your stay in Leknes, you will take the time to visit the fishing village of Ballstad, the rocks and vistas of Vareid and the idyllic scenery of Valberg and Myrland. Each of these towns and locations offers a wondrous scenery for you to shoot to your heart’s content.

Remember to stock up on memory cards, as you are sure to meet an endless array of photo opportunities during your time in and around Leknes.

Day 7
Lofoten Winter Photography Workshop - day 7

Last day in Leknes

This will be your last day in Leknes. For the duration of your stay, you will have visited the scenic beaches of Utakleiv, Haukland, Unstad and Vik. By now, you will have fully realised how the natural surroundings of Leknes are amongst the most stunning in the entirety of Norway.

Hopefully, you have already had plentiful opportunities to shoot under the colourful light of the aurora borealis. Tonight will be your last chance, so zip up your warmest jacket and embark on your final aurora hunt before retreating for the night.

Day 8
Lofoten Winter Photography Workshop - day 8


On your last day, your group will depart from the airport in Leknes, only seven minutes away from your hotel. Departures might be difficult, but you will leave the shores of Norway with new friends, countless memories and incredible photos. Don’t wait any further in booking your tour now, to embark on the photography adventure of a lifetime.

Good to know

The tour is always dependent on weather, as the Arctic weather can indeed be highly unpredictable.When it comes to the Northern Lights, while they are most likely to be seen between September and April, there is no guarantee that they will appear on a given day. There is however always plenty to see and do if conditions do not favor any part of our original plan.

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