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Norway’s capital is situated spectacularly at the top of Oslofjord, bordered on one side by serene blue waters and on the other by an expanse of forest, Oslomarka, with Nordmarka offering another ac
Norway's capital of technology is a beautiful, historical town fuelled by a lively student population. A visit here will allow you to see plenty of popular attractions, including several historic bu
Bodø is the largest city in the Nordland county and the second largest in Northern Norway. However, it's not only the fact that it's a larger town (by Norwegian standards) that attracts large groups o
In the south of Norway, you’ll find a town that is referred to as Norway’s Hollywood; A city where Norwegians go for their summer holidays and a place where tourists are eager to visit. Kristiansand:
Norway’s second largest city is situated on the west coast, and its charming, small town feel is enhanced by the seven mighty mountains that act as its natural enclosure; not to mention the breathta
On the coast of Eastern Norway lays a true summer paradise ready to be explored. Larvik is most known for its idyllic coastal scene and lively culture but it’s also close to mountains and woods that o
Tromsø is easily northern Norway’s biggest town, and has all the ingredients for a fantastic few days should you wish to stop here. The city lies amongst a cluster of islands scattered off the north
Norway’s 4th largest city has an endearing, small-town atmosphere, and its abundance of museums, beautiful architecture and scenic waterfront make it a memorable destination at any time of year. Sta
With a population of 187,000 Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway. The town has more than 30,000 students, which reflects the wide range of activities and things to do. It’s also a city with
Are you planning the majority of your vacation around Norway’s capital Oslo? Then a day tour to the historical town of Kongsberg is the perfect opportunity to get away from the busy streets. Kongsber
Oslo has defined itself as an artistic hub in Scandinavia with its wide variety of museums. From sculptures of naked people to arctic history, Norway’s capital has something to offer for anyone. Here
Bergen has countless attractions and sights to keep a tourist occupied, but perhaps none are as famous and notable as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bryggen. Images of Bryggen come to mind when tra
Get ready to experience one of the most enchanting cities in Europe! Bergen sits nestled between glimmering fjords and towering mountains on Norway's southwestern coast. As a UNESCO World Heritage Cit
Oslo is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but when should you visit to make the most of its climate and prices? Which destinations will liven up your Oslo holiday the most? Which tours