Norwegian Culture

It's quite likely that you've seen at least one Norwegian rorbu when viewing pictures of Norway online. Perhaps you're even dreaming of staying in one when you visit Norway? These pictures
Dating back to the 1100s, Stave Churches have become an important piece of Norway's old and fascinating history. It's believed that there was built close to 2000 Stave Churches in Norway durin
Despite having a relatively small population, Norway has been the birthplace of many famous and influential people, as well as the breeding ground for a host of creative inventions. It could be that c
Winter is a long, dark and cold season in here in Norway, which might be why we love Christmas as much as we do. Having something to look forward to during this dark period is important for many. C
With countless fjords, lakes and rivers, as well as easy access to some of the cleanest, most thriving oceans in the world, Norway’s seafood is second to none. Cod, salmon, trout, and crab are just a