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Tommy Simonsen (45) has been working with travel and documentary / landscape photography professionally since 1998, and portrait photography since 1992. He`s living in the heart of Northern Norway, in the city of Harstad. An active outdoor person since childhood, with system camera with him in the field since 1990. For 10 years Tommy worked as a photographer for Northern Norway's largest publishing company, To-Foto. A job that gave him local knowledge of most of the exciting parts of the northern region, but also Greenland, Iceland and Antarctica. His pictures were used mainly in book productions: books on Lofoten, North Cape, The Norwegian Costal Liner and many more. In 1999 he was sent to a new location to take pictures for his first time, a mission that turned out to be a real turning point in his career: - he was totally in love! In love with the beautiful and dramatic scenery on the last outpost in the north, the archipelago of Svalbard at 78 degrees north. This was the start of many journeys to Svalbard. Those travels ended in a book and a booklet about this Arctic archipelago. The productions were of course not the end of his northbound trips. In 2006 he took a year of leave from the publishing company, to work as a dog handler and guide for Svalbard Villmarkssenter. Here he worked in the field with more than 100 huskies. The camera was of course with him all the time. That year affirmed clearly his love for this scenic landscape and people of the north. Tommy went back to his old job in 2007, he continued to focus on Northern Norway, Antarctica and Svalbard of course. In 2008 he started a new job as photo teacher at Soltun Folkhighschool, a newly founded course that he developed. Not an ordinary photo class, but a one-year photography course, which specialized in travel and expedition photography: Backpack Photo. As the only teacher in class with small groups of no more than 11 students, he did northern Norway and Svalbard to their classroom with practical field courses from August to February. After Christmas the class started on it`s expedition wich the students themselves had chosen and planned parallel to the education. A five to six weeks long exotic field expedition, who went deep into the culture of the country that was selected. New places each year. This has taken him to Central America, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Patagonia, Antarctica, Kenya, Uganda, Laos, Vietnam, Madagascar, Indonesia and Singapore the last seven years. All this experience has given him one of three places in the qualifying examination board for photograph students in Troms county. From summer of 2015 he starts up again full time as a photographer at his business Kvitebjørn Foto (White bear Photography) and as a photo workshop guide In collaboration with Lofoten Tours (Stian Klo and Arild Heitmann). Life is Good!Read more
Welcome to my profile and the world's most beautiful archipelago- Lofoten Islands. I´m a adventurer and have travelled around the globe for different advendures over the last decades, but will always return to Lofoten with a hunger for the fast changes in light, wind and overall weather conditions, summer, fall, spring or winter. Lofoten will always bring the unexpected! Last year me and my family opened our secret spot for wellness and recreation combined with activities powered by nature. We have made a set-up of a activity based homebase for adventurers that seeks mountain and sea activities that are easily accessed from the pier of Hattvika, Ballstad. To acomplish this we´ve been connecting with local guides and providers of activities multitude of opportunities in the archipelago. Hattvika Lodge is a newly established company that offers activities and the best comfort in Lofoten and giving guests the best of Lofoten! We are the ski and fishing company in Lofted and operate under the vision "Welcome Ski & Fishing" and are a facilitator of experiences out of the ordinary. We differ from most locations in that we facilitate activities under the legendary Lofoten fishery. During this time Lofoten is tubeling on head and this coincides with the best ski season in the region! In addition, the northern lights dancing across the night sky at this time of year- this gives a total experience that's hard to find elsewhere in the world. To underpin our mission we do a ski/ splitboard mountaineering camp once a year. This gathers up to 40 participants for a 3 day adventure in the Lofoten mountains and at sea for fishing the legendary cod right outside our camp spot! For adittional information: For private groups and corporate business, we tailor unique holiday experiences, or we arrange to your needs, whether you are traveling with your family, friends, celebrating an anniversary or business. We are grown up in the region and know where the hidden gems are! Activities powered by nature, like: fishing, diving, surfing, mountain, biking, skiing, kayaking and more. Kristian Bøe Hattvikveien 14 8373 Ballstad NorwayRead more

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