Norwegian Nature

Norway doesn’t follow the expected European pattern when it comes to wildlife. Whilst a wander through the British Isles, Spain and France might see you confronted with a vicious badger or perhaps e
Norway is the ultimate country to visit for many outdoor enthusiasts because of the rugged mountains and beautiful landscapes. Hikers from all over the world travel to Norway each year to see the incr
Let’s start this off with some hard facts: There are 2534 registered glaciers on mainland Norway, plus 2100 glaciers on Svalbard. Yes, that’s right: 2534 glaciers. Book Your Tour on Norway Travel Gu
With fjords, mountains, seascapes and in general the large variety of landscapes, it’s not surprising that Norway is among the most popular destinations for hikers and outdoors enthusiasts. Every yea
Preikestolen is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Norway. Every summer, well over 200,000 visitors make the climb up the imposing ledge and marvel at the view over Lysefjord. In this art
Norway is home to several fascinating natural phenomena and it's quite honestly hard to choose which is the greatest. The Midnight Sun, however, seems to be the most popular amongst the majority o
Northern Lights, rugged mountains, heavy winds and challenging weather are the most common keywords related to Northern Norway. But did you know about the picturesque beaches? Some of them even look t
There's no lack of fascinating phenomena inside the Polar Circle. Either it's during summer or during winter, there's always something that attracts large amounts of visitors. The Polar Ni