Best of Norway

  Norway's extraordinary combination of majestic scenery and challenging terrain makes it perfect for hiking. From its picturesque southern fjords to the remote landscapes of the north, there is no s
Norway is home to nine of the 20 highest waterfalls in the world, as well as the ten highest in Europe. As you can imagine, putting together a list of the country’s best was pretty difficult, but fear
Norway is a unique destination, combining stunning natural beauty with Scandinavian elegance and a host of exhilarating outdoor pursuits. Here are a few things to include in your itinerary... 1. Hit
A profound Norwegian proverb says that “a hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer”… and it is with that heroic spirit that we bring your attention to this fascinating piece. Norway is
Norway’s fjords are picture perfect nuggets of nature at its unadulterated best. Whether you want to appreciate their remote tranquillity on a cruise or take in an alternative spectacle through a fjor
Norway is a country known for its incredible landscapes and the wide variety of scenery but one of our greatest and most admired natural phenomena is the magical Aurora Borealis, also known as the N
A lot of people skip visiting Norway since it’s known to be an expensive country and a hard place to travel on a budget. This is unfortunate, as Norway is among the most beautiful countries in the
Are you dreaming of visiting Norway one day? Perhaps you've already booked a flight and have begun planning the trip. Regardless of where you are in the process, here are 17 things you should know bef
Warning: If you're currently having a case of serious wanderlust you might end up booking a trip to Norway after seeing these images! It's not without a reason that Norway is considered one of the mo
A city break in Norway is a fantastic way to experience the stunning scenery, vibrant culture and renowned hospitality of this corner of Scandinavia. Whether you want to soak up the cosmopolitan buzz
Norway is by many considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the Lofoten Islands are its crown jewels. The rugged mountains, narrow fjords, and scenic villages are only parts o
Norway might be more known for its stunning fjords, rich wildlife, social security and consumption of microwave pizza. There are however a few Norwegian inventions that you could argue aren't as widel
The huge expanse of the Svalbard archipelago is found over 800 km north of the Norwegian mainland, and is arguably one of the most inhospitable, yet somehow colonised, places on the planet. Over 60%
There are plenty of lazy clichés about the Vikings. Yes, they may have been a little aggressive, spending much of their time drinking heavily, sacking innocent towns, stealing women from across Europe
  Oslo is known for many things. The city was home to Edvard Munch, the painter of the Scream, which you can lay your eyes on at the National Museum in Oslo. It also hosts the life's work of sculpt
Bergen is an iconic city in the mid-west of Norway. In the olden days, the city grew to become a trading hub, sourcing stockfish from Lofoten and distributing the goods to Europe through the presenc