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3 Reasons why Bergen is Ideal for Family Travel

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Bergen rooftops

Bergen is an iconic city in the mid-west of Norway. In the olden days, the city grew to become a trading hub, sourcing stockfish from Lofoten and distributing the goods to Europe through the presence of the Hanseatic League. The city became the capital of Norway in the 13th century and held that role until the early 14th century. Currently, Bergen's metropolitan area populates over four hundred thousand inhabitants, making it the second largest city in Norway. 

Bergen is also one of Norway's most popular travel destination. More pointedly, although often associated with outdoor activities, Bergen is the perfect destination for family travel. Here are 4 reasons for why you should choose Bergen for travelling with kids. 

1. Boat Trips

From Bergen, you will find daily departing boat trips to the nearby fjords. These tours are low in intensity and the boats are modern and comfortable, making them very family friendly. Compared to other tour options, the boat tours are relatively economical. A popular boat tour is the Bergen to Mostraumen Cruise. This 3-hour tour takes you to Osterfjord and deep into the narrow and picturesque Mostraumen strait. 

Mostraumen Boat Tour

2. Mount Fløyen 

For travelling families, Mount Fløyen is the ideal attraction to visit. Getting there is super easy, as Norway's only cable car heaves travellers up to the top every ten minutes or so. The terminal is within walking distance from the harbour and the fares are very cheap.

Floyen view over Bergen

Once at the top, you are welcomed by a shop, restaurant, playgrounds, numerous walking routes and even a few goats if you are lucky. Last but not least, Fløyen offers a beautiful panoramic view over Bergen and its vicinity. 

The Goats of Fløyen

3. Bryggen Harbour Area

Bergen's main tourist attractions are centred around the harbour area, which makes transport with children a relatively easy task. Bryggen is the city's most iconic tourist attraction, situated right next to the harbour. With an abundance of a variety of restaurants concentrated in a small area, dinner choices will not be a problem in Bergen.


This is the true beauty of Bergen, the proximity of the attractions and things to do and see. It's practically all walking distance. 

Honourable Mention: Hair Salons

Bergen goes by the nickname Gateway to the Fjords, due to its close proximity to some of the most scenic fjords in Norway. When walking around in Bergen, one is inclined to think that the Gateway to the Haircuts might be a better-suited epithet for the city. 

Bergen Hair SalonsGoogle Maps shows 19 hair salons within an area less than a square kilometre in centre of Bergen. 

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