A Guide to Trondheim

A Guide to Trondheim

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A Guide to Trondheim

Norway's capital of technology is a beautiful, historical town fuelled by a lively student population. A visit here will allow you to see plenty of popular attractions, including several historic buildings including the famous Nidaros Cathedral - a magnificent piece of architecture which dates back to the 11th century.

You might also want to check out the Archbishop's Palace, as well as the Ringve Museum, which is Norway’s national museum of music and instruments. The musical theme continues further into the city with Rockheim, another museum dedicated to showcasing the best of Norwegian rock and pop.

A Guide to Trondheim

If you fancy something a little more adventurous, consider catching a boat to the historical island of Munkholmen for a great view of Trondheim from the sea. In terms of other outdoor activities, keen fishermen should visit the Nidelven River, which is one of Norway's best locations for catching salmon and trout, and swimmers of all ages will be spoilt for choice when it comes to taking a dip. Trondheim is also incredibly well set up for cyclists, with countless tracks and paths, as well as a partly pedestrianized city centre.   

Take to the water

There are quite a few options for keen swimmers in Trondheim, varying from heated pools, cosy beaches and the cool waters of the nearby fjord. First, Norway’s largest indoor swimming baths are in the stunning Pirbadet aquatic centre, which is right by the sea, but without doubt a little warmer!

If you do fancy a cooler experience, look no further than Sjøbadet beach, which is popular with locals and tourists during the summer months, and sits right behind the central train station.

A little further out of town you can swim in the fjord providing the weather is warm enough, and the best spots are east of the city in the Lade area, where several footpaths along the fjord take you to the best swimming areas.

A Guide to Trondheim

If you would rather stay dry whilst enjoying the water, why not take a tour down the river via kayak?

During your trip you can float along, discovering all the remarkable views of Trondheim unseen by the everyday hiker. In case you want to do something which requires a little less excursion, hop on one of the many fjord cruises available, and witness Trondheim from afar, in all its beauty.  

The Nidaros Cathedral

A Guide to Trondheim

Trondheim’s spectacular cathedral is the largest medieval building in Scandinavia, and a wander amongst its grand stone archways and stunning stained glass is well worth a few hours of your time.

Ever since its construction began in 1066 it has been a significant pilgrimage destination, partly due its relics of the Norwegian king, St. Olav. Audio tours in several different languages are available, and you can also climb to the very top of the cathedral tower for a wonderful panorama of Trondheim and beyond.  

TheRingve Museum and Gardens

The Ringve Museum is Norway’s largest collection of music and musical instruments, containing two permanent, and a variety of ongoing temporary exhibitions.

Within the museum’s Manor House, uniquely talented musical guides will take you on a journey through music history, demonstrating countless types of international and historical instruments.

After your museum experience, why not go for a stroll around the botanical gardens, where an enormous and beautiful collection of plants is nurtured for research and teaching purposes, all to contribute to the safeguarding of endangered species around the world.

The gardens cover more than 32 acres of land two miles east of the city centre and are wonderfully situated on a hilltop in the Lade peninsula, ensuring that what is one of the Trondheim’s most significant tourist attractions is both picturesque and easily accessible. 

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