Kvalvika Beach | Hiking in Lofoten Islands

Kvalvika Beach | Hiking in Lofoten Islands

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When people ask me for hiking tips I always put Kvalvika beach on top of the “must do” list. The walk is relatively easy, and the scenery is a reward that is more than worth the hike.

The beach faces the open sea on the north side of the island Moskenesøya and is surrounded by steep mountains that rise more than 600 meters.

Kvalvika Beach | Hiking in Lofoten IslandsKvalvika during summer

Kvalvika hike facts & figures

  • Starting point: Fredvang
  • Trail distance (round trip): ~4 km 
  • Ascent: 170 meters
  • Hike duration: 1.5-2 hours (moderate/slow pace)

Kvalvika Beach | Hiking in Lofoten IslandsKvalvika during winter

Up until late 1930’s, a few people actually used to live in this bay, and you can see traces of where their buildings used to be.

You will also find a small cabin that was built out of driftwood by two young Norwegian men who lived here for nine months a few years back, following their dream of living in nature.

This cabin is open for everyone and still holds a lot of the items these men used when they lived here.

Kvalvika Beach | Hiking in Lofoten IslandsThere is even a playground on Kvalvika beech

The beach even has its own little playground. Here's my little sister, Tanita Hansen.

How to get there

There are several trails that lead to Kvalvika, but here I will describe the easiest and most used trail.

Find your way to Fredvang, and then continue for approx. 3 km until you reach a parking spot on the left side of the road.

During summer you are unlikely to be alone, so there will always be a number of cars here, which makes it impossible to miss the parking spot. The trail starts on the side of the road and is marked with a wood sign that says Kvalvika.

Kvalvika Beach | Hiking in Lofoten IslandsKvalvika is nestled between beautiful steep mountain cliffs that drop into the ocean.

The hike takes 1 hour each way, and the highest point on the hike is 170 meters. The first half of the hike is the easiest, and ones you start the descent towards the beach the terrain gets steeper. 

Kvalvika Beach | Hiking in Lofoten IslandsArial photo that shows the Fredvang, the trail starting point, and Kvalvika beech

The isolation from the rest of the islands is one of the things that makes this beach so special. Last year I took a bunch of my relatives with me on a hike and I quote my uncle: “It was like entering another world”.

Kvalvika Beach | Hiking in Lofoten IslandsKvalvika is one of the most beautiful beaches in Norway

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