10 stunning carwalks in Norway

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Are you satisfied just taking in the scenery through the car window? Or do you want to take a part of it?

Car Walks

If you are visiting Romsdalen in the north western part of Norway you will  find 10 trips that combine a car journey with short walks.

All of the trips are interesting walks of reasonable lenght. From 30 to 120 minutes from the start to you are with the startpiont.

10 stunning carwalks in Norway

In the region you will find designes walking and hiking maps and informative texts show you where to go and what to see. The sheet for the car trip shows clearly where the walks are, and the walks start and end at the car parks. The routes are well marked and it's easy to find your way using the maps and the information on the sheets. This sheets/maps are free. You´ll find it in gas stations, a lot of shops/grocery stores, hotels and camping sites.

10 stunning carwalks in Norway

10 stunning carwalks in Norway

10 stunning carwalks in Norway

You can choose the easy trips or medium trips. You don´t need to be any expert. Take your familly with you and enjoy your car walks in Norway

Alnes Lake Very short and easy trip into a great fishing lake in beautiful surroundings Throaty 30  min

Megårdsdammen Nice ride for the kids, along the forest road into a lake with lots of trout (not allowed to fish). 30  min

Troll Trail (Troostien) Hot ride near the center of Åndalsnes, follow paths / bicycle path and walking trail along the Rauma River and over Setnesmoa, past the golf area.  45 min 

Trollstigen mountain The trip goes from the viewing point of the Troll Wall up to the burial grounds at Horgheim, and back down along the river where it passes through many of the waterfalls and fine fishing spots in the Rauma River. At the end passes a through Troll wall Camping. 60 min

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