Full speed ahead

Okstindbreen, skiing throughout the summer

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Okstindbreen, a fantastic place to be!

From the right to left: Vesttinden, Tvillingtindan and Okstinden

We started from Mo i Rana at 9 p.m and drove to Korgen, then headed west to Leirskardalen. The drive is approximately an 1 hour drive.


Then we startet our 4km skiing to the incredible Rabothytta.

This is where we parked our car.

The midnight sun lights the way.

Okstindbreen, skiing throughout the summer

After 1 hour and 30 min of slow skinning we could see our destination for the night, Rabothytta.


This "cabin" can hold 30 persons, but in high season, I do advice you to book your stay in advance. The cost is 300 nkr for one night (if you are not a member of DNT, 150 nkr if you are. This gives you water, wifi!!!, FANTASTIC view, toilette, gas for cooking, fireplace and beds made ​​up with pillows, comforters and pull (you will need linens or a sleeping bag). 


Lines and light

The northern Norwegian night and light!

Amazing view

Okstindbreen, skiing throughout the summer

After a good sleep, it was up to eat breakfast,

Nice view

You can´t complain about the breakfast table view...

Nice light

and then...up up and away:)


Can you see the person on the top of Vesttinden?

Can you see the person at the top??

Here is the route we walked this day:D

First Tvillingtindan and then Okstinden

This is Tvillingtindan, a peak 1827 meters above sea level.

Okstindbreen, skiing throughout the summer


Droppin in

Okstindbreen, skiing throughout the summer

Gotta love the snow in summer.

Okstindbreen, skiing throughout the summer

Ah, the lines, the lines!

Gotta love the lines

Signed, sealed and delivered.

Signed, sealed and delivered

Two weeks earlier it had snowed 1 meter. Here you can see a result of the snow

beiing trasported to the east side of Okstinden, and then the tension has been to big.

Hence the avalanche. 

So even if skiing in mid-summer, always bring your avalanche gear and safe travel.

We skied the line all the way to the left. 

Okstindbreen, skiing throughout the summer

The ascent to Okstinden. You can see the glacier Okstindbreen in the back. Way back you can see Oksfjelltuva.

Getting closer to the top Okstinden

Okstindbreen, skiing throughout the summer

Happy campers at the top, 1807 above sea level. Approx. 50 minutes after the top of Tvillingtindan.

Happy campers at the top. Me in the middle:)

Nice steep line down the south west side of Okstinden. Can you see the telemarker at the top left?

We got to ski this step line down from Okstinden

Full speed ahead. Tvillingtindan in the background:)

Full speed ahead

This trip was made 22/6 - 2015 and there is still many weeks of skiing left. So this is how it is to live under the arctic circle:)

I would really recommend this trip, the view is awesome, rabothytta is a must-see, and the skiing is great. So get your gear ready, and off you go!