Boat Trips

Boat Trips

Explore islands and fjords in Norway by boat or go sailing in the Arctic. Boat Trips are a great way to truly experience the Norwegian Fjords. You can get in touch with the wildlife and see breathtaking waterfalls. You can even experience the Northern Lights by boat in Norway.
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Caroline Porter

Caroline Porter

17/08/2020, 10:24
Review of Fjord Cruise & Pulpit Rock Hike | Combo Tour

This was the best tour I did on my trip to Stavanger. The guides are really friendly, knowledgeable and speak English really well. The boat was large, smooth and very comfortable, with lots of places to view the spectacular Lysefjord (I stayed on the top deck the whole way, it was gorgeous). The Fjord is beautiful, pictures really do not do it justice. The stops along the way were both interesting and breathtaking. The weather on the day was perfect and in the mid 20s, so light clothes and a jacket was enough. The view up to to pulpit rock from the fjord really does allow you to take in the hike ahead. Some info says this hike is easy, I'd say this is only if you are an avid hiker. I am 39 and probably just above average fitness level, I found it easy in places but moderate to hard in others. There are parts which are realitively flat and other where there are lots of steps. It is well worth the hike as it is full of breathtaking views along the way and there are plenty of places to stop for a rest. Be sure to take snacks and drinks, I would also advise walking boots, for ankle support more than anything. The hike took me just over 3.5 hours with a few quick stops along the way up and short stay at the top. It was roughly half an hour quicker on the way down. The views from the top are out of this world, if you are brave enough, you can get really close to the edge, if not (like me haha) you can stay a little back and still appreciate where you are. There was some fog about 3/4 of the way up, but as I reached the top, it was perfectly clear. It was not too over crowded and there was lots of places to sits and enjoy. On this particular tour, there is only 1 bus back to Stavanger Sentrum, which leaves at 6pm, I would have stayed longer at the top if I had realised, so there is no need to rush, I was finished by about half 4. There is a cafe was nice and although I didn't eat there, smelled good. Also a couple of shops if you require more hiking equipment.