Segla is one of our most visited mountains in season. A local man said that sometimes it can be line at the top to get out on the stone where it carries 640 meters into the sea.

 The view on top of Segla

640 meters straight down.

640 meters


Fjordgård and Segla is located on the north side of Senja. If you come from Finnsnes and over the bridge so you have to turn right towards Gibostad. When you come to Gibostad so you must turn left towards Fjordgård. So just follow the road until you come to the sign Fjordgård, The sign is on the right side. You will go through some tunnels before you arrive. From Finnsnes to Fjordgård it takes approximately 1 hour to drive. When you come to Fjordgård you need to turn left and you will see a green building, the school.  There is a road on the left side of the building that leads you into a parking place and near the parking place there  is a sign showing the route up to Segla. If you have any questions about this trip, feel free to ask. 

(Segla in the middle)



Fjordgård - a small fishing village on the north side of Senja

Fjordgård is a small fishing village on the west side of Ørnfjorden, which is an extension of Øyfjord. From the village you can see beautiful Husøy.  Fjordgård is surrounded by high and steep mountains and is the only village on Senja that has year-round road access through tunnels. In the vicinity there are good hunting ground, particularly for grouse. The angler will like in this small fishing village where fishing is part of everyday life. The site has road access through the 2284 meter long Fjordgård tunnel, along the county road 275, which runs from Mefjordbotneidet - Fjordgård. Fjordgård is a separate village (9388 Fjordgård), with postal services in the shop. The village also has its own primary school, kindergarden and a newly remodeled community center. In the village is also Fjordgård chapel. Fjordgård is known as the venue for two novels of Karl Ove Knausgård: Out of the world and My Struggle 4. The village is not mentioned by his real name in the novels, but named later in My Struggle 6.

Korkedalen: Hike with fishing opportunity. Going to Korkedalen by climbing the mountain Hesten then camp at Korkedalvannet. Nice option for tents and a lovely view over Øyfjorden and Fuglenesset.

Slalom: The village has its own slalom slopes with shelter at the end where one can grill sausages and take a coffee break. 

City Gym: After the village about 200 inhabitants, we also find a gym here. With opportunities for exercise guidance, diet and exercise.

Porkenesvika: Ytters in the village we find an idyllic outdoor area that is widely used by locals and visitors from afar. There are benches for adults and kids, and a great barbeque that everyone will benefit. There is also a big barbeque that visitors can use if they wish. Porkenesvika have a clean and beautiful sandy beach which is widely used in fine weather, as well as a breakwater where it is possible to go fishing. It is also possible for campers to stay here. Toilet facilities are also available.


Other rental options:
Bekkeli. Privately cozy little house.
(Owned by Odd Hanssen, tel 915 21451)

The view 

From Segla there is one amazing 360 degree view, i guarantees that you will say WOW on top of the mountain. If you have any questions feel free to ask and i will do my best to give you all the information you need to get there. Hope to hear from you if you are planning to go there or after you have visited Segla and Fjordgård. Feel free to share your experience and leave a message, Good luck with the discovery of Segla and Fjordgård.


Segla - A mountain you need to visit

Segla - A mountain you need to visit


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