Voringsfossen Waterfall

Norway’s Most Visited Waterfall

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One of Norway’s most popular nature attractions is the spectacular waterfall Vøringsfossen. This 182 meter (145m vertical drop) tall waterfall is located at the edge of Hardangervidda in Eidsfjord municipality close to Rv7.

Vøringsfossen was in 2006 the most visited nature attraction in Norway, and it still remains one of the most visited each year. It’s no wonder so many people want to see these unique falls. Pictures can be spectacular, but nothing can compare to standing there absorbing the raw nature, hearing the noise of a roaring waterfall and feeling the light splash from it.

View of Vøringsfossen during sunset

The falls are located close to Rv7 (the road crossing Hardangervidda) and you don’t even need to go hiking. It’s literally 50 meters away from the parking area. So don’t expect to be here by yourself during the peak season! That being said mostly every visit I’ve had; I’ve had the whole place by myself. Maybe that’s the pros of getting there for sunrise or sunset!


Even though it’s a popular touristic place, you should be fairly careful when wandering around. There have been many accidents with tourists falling of the cliffs, and I guess you understand that a 180-meter fall is certain death. There are fences at the main overlooks, and as far as I know no accidents have happened there. However, further away from the parking area you can walk to the right side cliffs by jumping over a small fence. Be really careful if you do this, and remember that the area can be really slippery due to the splash from the waterfalls. 

Vøringsfossen river

Don’t let this scare you away from visiting. Be cautious, don’t take any unnecessary risks, but most importantly; have fun!

Voringsfossen Waterfall