Outer Lofoten | Don't miss out on a summer night up north!

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Lofoten archipelago, and perhaps especially Flakstad and Moskenes, is widely known for its distinctive mountains that plunge straight into the sea. Now in the summer when the nights are bright and the sea are shiny and quiet, you should know when to act if you don't want to miss some exceptionally beautiful scenes.
Part of what makes Lofoten islands so special is the many narrow fjords that you partly drive along, crossing by bridges or under through tunnels. You are therefore constantly in a perfect distance to the landscape on the opposite side, and can therefore experience most of the archipelago just by driving a car or riding a bicycle.

I will now take you on a tour through Flakstad and Moskenes by night, mainly in proximity to the main road E-10. But first we'll take a detour to Fredvang. 



You get here by driving onto Fv-808 after passing through Ramberg and the intersection to Skjelfjord. At Fredvang you will find lots of beautiful scenery, and it's also here you will find the trail to the popular beach of Kvalvika. The mount Ryten is also a popular summit-hike with an awesome view!

"Sunrise at the bend"


This particular shot was taken on July 23rd. just after sunrise between 2 and 3 am. The small creek winds in innumerable bends through the flat landscape on its way to the sea, giving the photo enthusiasts a wealth of opportunities for great compositions throughout all seasons. It should also be possible to catch some trout here if you find the little deeper parts of the stream.

In the past Fredvang was an isolated community that you had to reach by boat. They had their own school, fish processing and a rich agriculture. The community works almost the same way today, but somewhat limited. Fredvang is now connected with the rest of the road system through two concrete bridges.




As mentioned before, you pass the exit to Skjelfjord. Around here you'll find some wetlands and ponds where you both may encounter different waders and find great photographic subjects with fine reflections.

If you should chose to go see Skjelfjord, I will suggest to continue all the way to beautiful Nesland which is located facing the Vestfjorden. And if you have the time, a trip to other exotic places like Myrland, Vikten, Nusfjord, an Sund also is recommended.



On the way between Fredvang and Moskenes municipality you will be driving along a narrow tidal stream named Sundsstraumen. The area here is also kind of breathtaking, and it is hard to keep your eyes at the road if you are the driver. But please do so... parts of the road are pretty narrow! There are a few stops where you can take a closer look and shoot some photos. With that said, we actually meet very few tourists and photographers at this beautiful time of day.


The photo shows the north part of Sundsstraumen that separates Flakstad and Moskenes islands. Fredvang which you see in the background, is located at Moskenes island, but like other parts of Lofoten, and for some reason, it still belong to Flakstad Municipality.

It is not possible to write about a tour through outer Lofoten without mention the villages Hamnøy and Reine. These two places, with Sakrisøy in between, are the tenderloin of it all! And what makes this area so special, including the aforementioned characteristic mountains? Out here the road winds from one place to the other, over small bridges and embankments, through small islets, all the time with the beautiful Reinefjorden between you and the majestic mountains. Mount Olstinden is one of the most famous and distinctive peaks, although I personally think the mountains in Kjerkfjorden is the wildest.




Hamnøy with the Toppøy Rorbuer (Fishermen cabins) for you to rent during your stay.


A shot from Hamnøy, taken at the opposite side of the usual. This shows the "Lofotveggen" all the way to the islands outside Svolvær city. As you can see, the big Vestfjorden can be very calm and shiny in the summer, especially at night.




Sakrisøy Rorbuer, also for rent, is beautifully located on this small island between Hamnøy and Reine.



Reine village is probably the most popular fishing village in Lofoten. During summer there goes a boat to Vinstad and Kjerkfjorden each day, where you can continue walking to respectively Bunes beach and Horseide beach. Both these places are facing the open ocean and is well worth a visit for those who want to see something more than what is to be found along the road. From Reine you also are very close to the end of the road, and the place that has been given the shortest name ever; "Å" Are you planning to stay at Reine, you can book your accommodation at Reine Rorbuer or Eliassen Rorbuer

You can book most of your accommodations in Lofoten islands at 


Reine village, beautifully surrounding the Reinevågen.


Finally I present for you a couple of sunrise shots.


A spot between Ramberg and Flakstad with mount Hustind above Vareid in the background.



Sunrise at Ytresand beach, Fredvang.


Thank you for your time, and have a great trip and a wonderful stay if you choose to come visiting us here in one of the worlds most beautiful archipelagos.
Yours sincerely / local contact:

Steven Henriksen