The Secret Waterfall of Trolls

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To be honest I'm not sure I want to write this article. I've seen how tourism can ruin untouched, raw nature and since this is one of my favorite locations in southern Norway, I am a little hesitant sharing the secret with you. This is one of those places you can go and rarely meet anyone else.

However, I choose to believe that you who are reading this, and considering a trip to Norway, are respectful towards nature and know the unwritten rule "Leave no traces behind". That's all that I'm asking of you if you visit the place I'm about to reveal. Treat it with respect and let's not make it into a tourist trap!

Trollfoss Canyon and River

Roughly two hours outside of Oslo, near the village Svarstad, you'll find the highest waterfall in Vestfold. The fact that it's the tallest says more about their lack of waterfalls than its actual size but it's still a waterfall that any country would be proud to have.


Interestingly, there's not much information to be found about Trollfoss (Waterfall of Trolls/Troll Waterfall). This may be because it's a difficult spot to reach, even though it's only a 30 minutes hike. Its steep descent might scare most people away and perhaps that's the reason it's not a well-known place. Let's get back to the directions in a bit; first I want to share some of its history.


As I mentioned, there's not much information to be found about Trollfoss. This doesn't need to be a bad thing tho. With the name directly translated to "Waterfall of Trolls" I think we can all let our minds wander and come up with much interesting history.

Was there actually trolls living in this area? Was it just a tale to keep kids away from playing around these dangerous cliffs? Perhaps both?

I have also heard locals refer to the waterfall and canyon as "The Devils Canyon". Did you just cancel your tickets! Hold on a little more!

The Secret Waterfall of Trolls

As I mentioned, this is the tallest waterfall in Vestfold. It’s only 12 meters high but nonetheless beautiful. When you’re walking up the river you walk in a canyon with 35-40 meters high walls. If you’re there during a grey day you will understand why certain tales might have been told about this place during the years.


Driving along RV40 you will see a sign to Trollfoss between the villages Sverkholt and Styrvoll. Take this exit and drive on the gravel road until you reach a barrier. Here you need to pay kr50 to enter. Continue along this gravel road for roughly 10-15 minutes and you will begin to see small wooden signs towards Trollfoss. After a few more minutes you will reach a junction where it also says parking.

Walk along the gravel road for another 5-10 minutes and you will se a sign towards the waterfalls. Follow this path and keep left. The landscape you’re walking in now is well worth the trip itself and if you’re lucky you might even see a moose or deer as these are very common in this area.

After walking for some minutes on this path you will arrive the steep hill down to the river. If you’re a group of people I would recommend using a helmet as the rocks are loose and come falling with high speed. Take care when hiking down this part and don’t do it if you’re not an experienced hiker.


During summer you’re able to jump from rock to rock all the way up to the waterfall. If the waterlevel is high you might want to bring a pair of waders.

I don’t recommend visiting during the fall or spring as the water-level is high at this time. I was there a few weeks back and even with my waders I could not step a foot into the river due to it’s power.


If you have any questions on how to reach this location feel free to send me an email.

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