autumn lake

The Norwegian Autumn

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People often ask me what my favorite time of year is. To be quite honest, I do not have one favorite season. Actually this is one of the perks of living in Norway, we have 4 seasons and they all offer something unique. That being said, autumn is a excellent period to photograph. The combination of colors and ever changing weather is truly enjoyable to photograph, and just as pleasing for the eye.

norwegian autumn

Feeling the crisp air, yet still the warmth of the sun, is something only this time of year offers. At least for us Norwegians, for you the Norwegian summer air is probably crisp too.

I mentioned that I enjoy photographing the colors of autumn, however autumn is so much more than just colors. Signs of change are obvious, and often make beautiful subjects; leaves falling, naked trees with colors behind. The ocean is becoming more furious, creating beautiful textures in the waves. Rain, wind, frost, fog, sun and stars – is there anything else you need?

autumn church

Needless to say, the Norwegian fall is something I wish everyone could experience once, as it is unlike anything else. It does not matter which corner of Norway you choose to visit, they are all filled with beauty.


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So, will I see you next year?