First sight

Welcome to the midnight sun

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May 25th is a remarkable date here in the Lofoten islands. The midnight-sun is back, which means that we are having sunlight 24/7 when the sky is clear. The sun stays above the horizon for approximately two months, or 7 weeks. At some particular places the sun is shining all the time, not even hidden behind the mountains for a single minute.

This evening I was heading to the western Lofoten, more exactly the islands of Vestvågøy and Flakstad. My plan was to welcome the midnight sun, and also capture some photos of the beautiful warm light it generates during its low ride on the horizon. If you read my first article you will see that I visited a hidden waterfall, and captured the warm sunlight at the top of the mountains above it. My next stop was at Vareid, a few hundred meters towards Vikten. This location is quite popular because of the sea-ponds and the great view towards Flakstad. Here is one of my shots from that night, about an hour before the sun reaches its lowest position.

From Vareid towards Flakstad

The trip out here takes an hour and 15 minutes by car, starting from Svolvær or Kabelvåg. As I live in Kabelvåg and I had to get early up the next day, I drove back again, heading for the island of Gimsøy and Austvågøy, hoping to get at glimpse of the sun itself before i reached home. And so I did when I came to the place named Lyngvær. The sea was calm and light blue due to the great reflection of the sky and the surroundings.

First sight

Satisfied with the outcome from my little trip, I could continue and go home for a good but short nights sleep!