Round trip to Edøy & Veiholmen (Smøla) | Kristiansund Bus Tour

Round trip to Edøy & Veiholmen (Smøla) | Kristiansund Bus Tour
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Join a round-trip bus tour of the Kristiansund, western Norway. Kristiansund is located in the western region of Norway in the Møre og Romsdal county. Come up close with Kristiansund's nature as you drive through beautiful roads set in a backdrop of majestic mountainscapes. This is an adventurous tour and is ideal for anyone who loves an adventurous experience of new destinations.

Your 9-hour adventure through Kristiansund, Norway begins at the Kristiansund bus terminal. You will meet your FRAM tour guides at the bus terminal early in the morning at 9 am. where you will be prepared for the excursion through western Norway countryside.

The 1st part of your tour entails a bus ride from Kristiansund to Seivika. Upon arrival at Seivika, you will board a ferry to Tømmervåg on the island of Tustna. Then the 2nd part of your bus trip continues from Tustna straight to the Sandvika ferry harbour. Upon arrival at Sandivika, you will board yet another ferry to the island of Edøy.

While at Edøy, you will have a chance to walk around the town and experience its many cultural delights and historical architecture. We recommend a visit to the old church at Edøy as well as the great amphitheatre that was used for the “Fru Guri av Edøy” (“Lady Guri of Edøy") historic play that is performed every summer.

After exploring Edoy, your trip continues to Hottranklakken at Veiholmen. Veiholmen is a vibrant fishing village located in the northern region of Smøla. Veiholmen boasts of a number of cultural and natural attractions. There are many fishing boats arriving with their daily catch as well as the beautiful sights of seagulls and sea eagles in the coastal lines hunting for food.

We recommend that you take a walk through Veiholmen's narrow streets and experience the local culture and weather first hand. After a while, your journey back to Kristiansund begins. You will go back using the same route as you arrived, with a bus to Edøy, ferry to Sandvika and bus and ferry back to Kristiansund traffic terminal.

This is an adventurous trip that brings you closer to Kristiansund's culture and is a remarkable way to spend a day in western Norway. Check for availability and book a spot and join us on this exciting trip today!



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