This driving tour of Norway’s western fjords takes you through some of the World’s, let alone Europe’s, most stunning scenery. Whilst many of the best views will require leaving the car behind to hit the water or set out on a hike, the driving in this part of the country is no less spectacular. From your starting point of Ålesund, over seven days you will zigzag southwards towards Voss, experiencing the very best of Norway’s fjords with stops at various destinations.

Day 1: Ålesund: Top of the Fjord Country

A Seven Day Fjord Adventure

Scattered over three islands and surrounded by azure blue waters, Ålesund is the departure point for your fjord adventure. Before leaving the town, be sure to explore the wonderful, Art Nouveau style architecture, as well as Ålesund’s Sunnmøre Museum, which is the closest you’ll get to time travel during your visit to Norway.

Day 2: Åndalsnes and Romsdalsfjord

After a classic Norwegian breakfast, leave Ålesund on your second day and head east to Åndalsnes. The drive will take you back inland, and should last for no more than two hours. After sorting out your accommodation for the night, look to take up one of the excursions popular in the area. Your options will depend on which time of year you are travelling, but a hike through the Romsdal Alps is always open to adventurous travellers. If instead you fancy something a little more relaxing, consider a tranquil cruise on the Romsdalsfjord. Or spoil yourself and do both!

Day 3: The Trollstigvein to Geirangerfjord

A Seven Day Fjord Adventure

On the morning of the third day, depart from Åndalsnes and head south on what is one of the most picturesque roads in Norway. The highlight is undoubtedly the Trollstigvein, a collection of sharp hairpin turns that wind along the mountainsides of Rauma. A three hour drive south along Route 63 will see you reach the fjord of Geiranger. Once you arrive, explore the town and its incredible setting before taking a cruise on the fjord and marvelling at its many waterfalls, which include the world famous Seven Sisters

Day 4: Geiranger to Stryn, Loen & Olden

A Seven Day Fjord Adventure

Day four begins with a wonderful ferry ride across the Geirangerfjord to Hellesylt. This is one of the most sought after experiences in Norwegian tourism, so be sure to make the most of your hour or so on the water. Once you reach Hellesylt, head south along Route 60 to Stryn, Loen or Olden where you can stay for the night. A base in this area allows you to explore another of Norway’s natural wonders, Europe’s largest glacier in the Jostedalsbreen National Park. Don’t be too hasty though, as qualified tour guides are mandatory when taking to the ice.

A Seven Day Fjord Adventure


Day 5: Fjaerland

A Seven Day Fjord Adventure

A short drive on your fifth day will take you to Fjaerland, where you can spend the afternoon exploring the Bøyaøyri Estuary, a protected nature reserve just north of the village. If you have some more time on your hands then why not have a stroll around the Norwegian Glacier Museum?

Day 6: Balestrand & the Sognefjord

Your penultimate day sees you leave Fjaerland behind with a trip on the ferry to the municipality of Balestrand. The boat takes around 45 minutes, and will take you ever closer to one of the world's most striking natural sights, Sognefjord. Norway’s deepest fjord expands for an endless 205km, and a scenic cruise will easily fill an afternoon.

Day 7: Voss: Summer Fun in a Winter Playground

A Seven Day Fjord Adventure

The last day features a short drive of only 90 kilometres before you reach your final destination of Voss. The trip will have to include a short car ferry from Vanganes to Balestrand, as part of the ‘road’ is a little underwater. There’s plenty to do once you arrive, including a hike in the Stølsheimen Mountains, as well as the chance to enjoy Voss’ trendy jazz scene. The town also makes for a perfect connection point for travel back to either Bergen or Oslo, ensuring you have an easy onward journey.