The Oslo to Bergen Road Trip

A fantastic way to experience a destination is on a road trip. In this article, we provide you with an ideal itinerary for a self-drive trip from Oslo to Bergen. 

Day 1 - Oslo

Your road trip begins with a day in Norway’s capital. The city is situated spectacularly at the top of Oslofjord, bordered on one side by serene blue waters and on the other by the green expanse of Oslomarka. The city is jam-packed with cultural attractions, ranging from the National Gallery which houses Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream, to institutions engaging with the Norway's heritage, including the world’s best preserved Viking Ship, the Fram Museum and the stunning harbour-side Opera House. Oslo is a relatively compact city and is easily explored on foot, whilst its thriving nightlife means that you will have plenty of entertainment to choose from after sunset. 

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The Oslo to Bergen Road Trip

Day 2 - Oslo to Geilo, Hol, 245 km

After a wonderful introduction to Norway and its marvelous capital, head west into the municipality of Hol and stop for the day in Geilo. The town is a hub of snow sports activity in the winter, with several ski slopes and miles of cross country ski tracks to keep you busy. For those who would rather do something which requires a little less exertion, consider taking a dog sled tour, or go for a snowmobile ride. If you're visiting at a slightly warmer time of year, the Hallingskarvet National Park is close enough to provide you with an abundance of hiking and outdoor adventure opportunities.  

The Oslo to Bergen Road Trip

Day 3 – Geilo to Flåm or Eidfjord

On day three you have to make a decision. There are two ways to reach your final destination of Bergen, depending on where you want to stop off on the way:

Option 1: Hol – Eidfjord, 112 km

The Oslo to Bergen Road Trip

In just under two hours you can reach the town of Eidfjord by heading over via the Hardangervidda plateau and enjoying spectacular views of the Hardangerjøkulen glacier. On the way, you will also get a chance to see Norway’s most popular waterfall, Vøringsfossen, before arriving in Eidfjord.

Day 4 – On to Bergen, 150 km, 1 ferry, 3 hours

The Oslo to Bergen Road Trip

Before you set off on the last drive of your trip, consider visiting the Hardangervidda Nature Centre in Eidfjord, before catching the Brimnes–Bruravik ferry across the fjord. If you have some time to kill the pleasant village of Ulvik is worth stopping at nearby. Continue westward along the picturesque Hardangerfjord and on to your final destination, Bergen.

Option 2: Hol – Flåm, 100 km, 2 hours

The Oslo to Bergen Road Trip

Option two takes you on a more northerly route through the gorgeous valley of Aurlandsdalen and on to Flåm. Upon arrival, there are few better things to do than appreciate the wonder of the Sognefjord. A cruise on the water is an absolute must and is a fantastic way to spend your afternoon.

Day 4 - Flåm to Bergen, 168 km, 3 hours

The Oslo to Bergen Road Trip

Have a serene, harbour side breakfast in Flåm before setting off for Gudvangen and enjoying the hairpin bends that wind up toward Stalheim. Continue on to Voss, potentially stopping to wander around the aging buildings of Mølstertunet, before driving along the Osterfjord and finally into Bergen.

Day 5 - Bergen

The Oslo to Bergen Road Trip

On the fifth day, you should make the most of your new surroundings. Bergen is Norway’s second-largest city, and its charming, small-town feel is enhanced by the seven mighty mountains that act as its natural enclosure; not to mention the breathtaking fjords that are only a short drive away. The city’s waterfront is adorned with houses of every colour and the fishing heritage of the area dominates its modern day attractions.

If you're planning a round trip then why not take the alternative way back to Oslo, and see a little more of Norway’s finest!